Although the  History of St Vincent Plantation no 259 is Short it is still s story wotrth telling. Its beginnings came about from two chapter who supported each other with a number of the member regularly attending each others meetings. This was of great benifit to Plantation Royal Arch Chapter who had to rely on regular visitors and honourary members to fill offices almost monthly. As things went on suggestions were made that Plantation should think about amalgamating with another chapter. This is when St Vincent stepped in and offered to amalgamate with them, discussions went on and after a number of meetings between the chapters it was agreed and the name of the newly amalgamated chapter would be St. Vincent Plantation No 259 this was put forward to Provincial for approval and at the June meeting of Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland 2010 they approved the amalgamation which took place in September 2010. The Amalgamation was performed by the Commissioned Office bearers of Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Glasgow, Headed by Grand Superintendent M.E.C Ian Muir. The Last first principal of St Vincent Plantation took the oath on behalf of the members of the newly formed chapter. The New First principal would be installed at the next meeting the 1st meeting of the new chapter and the installation of office bearers