Plantation No259

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Royal Arch Chapter ‘Plantation’

No. 259




Name Office
David Spiers Fraser, M.E.P.Z.
Geo. Clark Hutton M’Naught, M.E.D.P.Z.
James Ormiston Struthers, M.E.P.H.
James Sharrocks, M.E.P.J.
John Stewart, E.S.E.
James Aston, E.S.N.
George Lyall E. Treasurer.
John Clark, E. 1st Soj.
James Kenney, E. 2nd Soj.
William Thompson, Jun. E. 3rd Soj.
John Cumming, Janitor.
Andrew Cochrane.
Francis Archer.

Charter of Constitution Dated 4th March
5,900 A.L

Solemnly Dedicated 10th April, 1896
A.D., 2426, A. Inv.


Of the Chapter since its formation in 1896-1897

David Spiers Fraser, M.E.P.Z.
James Ormiston Struthers M.E.P.H
James Sharrocks M.E.P.J
John Stewart E.S.E.
James Aston E.S.N.
George Lyall E. Treasurer
John Clark, E. 1st Soj.
James Kenney E. 2nd Soj
William Thompson, Jun E. 3rd Soj.
John W. Forsyth Supt of Works
John Gardiner Capt 1st Veil
John C Thomson Capt 2nd Veil
William Walker Capt 3rd Veil
James H Anderson Janitor.


Of the chapter since its formation in 1886

Year Name Year Name
1896 D. S. Fraser 1928 D. C. Mill
1897 D. S. Fraser 1929 Wm Phillips
1898 J.O. Struthers 1930 J. D. Dunn
1899 J.W. Forsyth 19631 Jas. Chapman
1900 J.W. Forsyth 1932 Wm Armstrong
1901 J.C. Thomson 1933 Fred Melvin
1902 J.C. Thomson 1934 Wm. Scott
1903 H. Ferguson 1935 Wm. Scott
1904 H. Ferguson 1936 G. McD. Smith
1905 James Kenny 1937 H.E. McCadie
1906 W. J. Lindsay 1938 Thos. B. McKinlay
1907 W. J. Lindsay 1939 Robert Kerr
1908 R. M’I Miller 1940 Alex Finlay
1909 R. M’I Miller 1941 Alex Finlay
1910 A. D . Hamilton 1942 Alex Lyons
1911 A. D . Hamilton 1943 John H Niven
1912 W.C. Riddel 1944 David G Alexander
1913 W.C. Riddel 1945 Harold H Holmes
1914 Andrew Wilson 1946 Harold H Holmes
1915 Andrew Wilson 1947 Robert Flockhart
1916 James K Ord 1948 William Finch
1917 James K Ord 1949 William P Carrick
1918 James Riddel 1950 Wm. R. W. Craig
1919 James Riddel 1951 Donald C. McDermid
1920 Walker Walker 1952 John L Byrne
1921 Geo Paterson 1953 Peter. G. McIntyre
1922 Jas Carroway 1954 Kenneth MacLeod
1923 Robert M’Culloch 1955 Thos. G. McD. Smith
1924 John Clark Jun. 1956 Matthew A Smith
1925 James Cumming 1957 Robert H Edwards
1926 Wm McKay 1958
1927 D.C. Mill 1959


This Chapter shall be held exclusively for Masonic purposes, and its practice confined to the degrees of Royal Arch Masonry recognised by the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland, viz. :—Mark Master, Excellent Master, Royal Arch, and the Installation Degrees of the Installed Master in the Mark, Principals Z., H., and J.


The Office-Bearers shall consist of a First Principal, Immediate Past First Principal, Second Principal, Third Principal, Depute First Principal, Scribe E., Scribe N., Treasurer, Treasurer of Benevolent Fund, First Sojourner, Second Sojourner, Third Sojourner, Sword Bearer, Standard Bearer, Superintendent of Works, Captain of Third Veil, Captain of Second Veil, Captain of First Veil, Director of Music, Director of Ceremonies, Senior and Junior Stewards, and Janitor; and they shall not hold office simultaneously (Janitor excep­ted) in any other Chapter of Royal Arch Masonry.


The Ordinary Convocations of the Chapter shall be held within the ??????? hall Glasgow on the ???? Thursday of each month, except July, at 7.30 p.m., or at such other hour as the First Principal in his discretion may appoint for the better performance of the business of the Chapter.

Emergency or Special Convocations may be called by command of the First Principal, or by a requisition signed by seven or more clear Members of the Chapter; only business stated in the notice calling the meeting shall be transacted

Order of Business.

A Book shall be opened in the Ante­room, in which every Member (and Visiting Companion on being vouched for) before entering the Chapter shall inscribe his name and Masonic designation. This book shall be under the charge of the Janitor, who shall see this Rule complied with. On the Chair being taken and the Chapter opened, the Scribe E. shall read the minutes of previous Convocations, and when approved, said minutes shall be authenticated by the signature of the M.E. First Principal, or presiding Companion. Business arising from the minutes, and other business as stated in the notice calling the Convocation, shall then be proceeded with. Any communications or applications for admission to the Chapter shall then be read and discussed. Any miscellaneous business may afterwards be brought up for disposal. When any business shall be brought before the Chapter for dis­cussion every Companion desirous of speaking shall, when he rises, address himself to the First Principal; and no Companion shall be permitted to speak more than once on the same subject unless called upon by the First Principal, or as the mover in reply. Notices of motion, which must be in writing, may then be given.

Matters affecting the interests of the craft, or regarding the internal government of the Chapter, can only be discussed at an Ordinary Convocation.

When a Harmony Meeting has been decided upon, it shall be the duty of the presiding Companion to take the view of the Companions before closing the Chapter as to what principle shall be adopted at such meeting.

Motions and Voting.

All Motions duly made and seconded shall be put to vote by the M.E. First Princi­pal or presiding Companion, who shall, in cases of equality, have a casting, as well as a deliberative vote. The vote shall be taken by Ballot.

No Motion for altering or abrogating an existing law or for enacting a new one, or for disposition of any part of the Chapter’s pro­perty or funds for extraordinary purposes, shall be made, unless a notice of such Motion shall have been tabled at a Convocation at least one month previously.

Any motion supported by a majority of those voting shall be declared carried, except Motions affecting the Constitution and Bye-Laws, which are specially provided for.

Nomination, Election, and Installation

The Nomination and Election of Office- Bearers shall take place at the September Convocation. Every Companion nominated for office must be proposed and seconded by clear Members of the Chapter, and no Companion shall be nominated in his absence, unless his consent in writing has been obtained.

The notices calling the Convocation shall be issued by the Scribe E. at least one week previous to date of election. The election shall be by show of hands, or ballot if desired, and in the H.R.A. Degree, commencing with the ME. First Principal, and the other Office- Bearers in succession. The Installation of Office-Bearers shall take place at the Regular Convocation, held in October.

No Companion shall be elected an Office- Bearer of the Chapter until he has been at least two months a Member of it, by exaltation or affiliation, except with the consent of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter. If any Office-Bearer appointed to serve for twelve months shall die, resign be incapacitated, neglect, or decline to discharge the duties of his office, the vacancy may be filled by the election of another Companion, provided intimation be given at least seven days before the date of said Election.

Property and Funds.

The whole property of the Chapter, heritable and movable, of whatever description, is, and shall be, vested in the Office-Bearers for the time being, in trust for the use and behalf of the Members of the Chapter. Five shall be a quorum. They shall also, as Trustees, be empowered to insure the property of the Chapter for such sum as may be considered necessary, and alter, improve, or add thereto, subject to the approval of the Chapter. The Charter, Seal, Records and other Papers and the Jewels shall be kept in a chest, of which the First Principal, Scribe E. and Treasurer shall each keep a key.

Any Companion embezzling the funds, or making away with the property of the Chapter, shall be solemnly expelled there from, and his name and designation reported to the Provincial and Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapters.

Any Companion losing, damaging, or destroying the Clothing, Furniture, Jewels, or other property of the Chapter, shall be required to make good the same.

At the Annual Convocation in August, two Members (not Office-Bearers) shall be appointed to audit the Treasurer’s books, and report thereon at Convocation held in September.

Scribe E.

The Scribe E. shall give clue notice of all Regular Convocations by advertisement or otherwise. He shall be custodian of the Minute and Roll Books of the Chapter, issue all notices for Convocations, prepare and engross Minutes of the Convocations, record the names of all Companions exalted or affilia­ted, and conduct the general correspondence of the Chapter. He shall be ex-officio Convener of all Committees when another has not been appointed. For such services he shall receive such sum as may be voted to him by the Companions present at the Annual Convocation in September.

All Motions, of which notice has been given, shall be inserted in exact terms in the Sum­monses for the Convocation at which they fall to be discussed.

Scribe N.

The Scribe N. shall assist the Scribe E. generally in the performance of his duties, and act for him in his absence.


The Treasurer shall be Custodian of the funds belonging to the Chapter. He shall keep clear and distinct accounts of all monies received or disbursed by him on account of it, and shall at no time retain in his hands for more than three days Chapter funds to an amount exceeding Five Pounds Sterling, but shall within the time specified deposit all money exceeding that amount in the Savings Bank of Glasgow, in the name of the M.E. First Principal, Scribe E., and Treasurer for the time being He shall produce his books, vouchers, etc., to the Auditing Committee appointed, at the Convocation for nomination of Office-Bearers, and shall within one week after the installation pay over to his successor the balance, if any, due by him. For such services he shall receive such sum as may be voted to him by the Companions present at the Annual Convocation in September.


The Janitor shall attend all Convoca­tions of the Chapter, and shall perform all services connected with the Chapter required of him by the First Principal, Scribe E., or Treasurer. He shall, under the direction of Scribe N. and Superintendent of Works, keep in order all Jewels, Furniture, and other property of the Chapter, see that no Companions be announced except those who are duly qualified for admittance. He shall for such services receive such sum as may be voted to him by the Companions present at the Annual Convocation in September.


Every candidate for Exaltation in this Chapter shall furnish, on the authorised form, the following particulars in writing, viz. :—Full name, age, profession, residence, and name and number of the Lodge of which he is a Member. He shall be recommended by two clear Members of the Chapter. His application shall be voted on in open Chapter, by ballot, three black balls shall exclude.

Members of Sister Chapters may be affiliated ordinary Members on being duly proposed, seconded and balloted for; but such applicants shall first produce satisfactory evidence that they are clear of all dues to their Mother Chapter, or Chapter last affiliated to, and that they are otherwise in good Masonic standing.

Members of Sister Chapters recommended for their zeal and exertions in Masonry, or other­wise honourably distinguished, may, as a mark of respect, be admitted Honorary Members on being duly proposed, seconded and accepted at any Ordinary Convocation.


The charge for the different degrees shall be as follows, viz. :- For the degree of Mark Master, Excellent, and Royal Arch, including Registration and Diploma, . £5 10s 0d

Affiliating a regular Royal Arch Companion exalted in a Scottish Chapter, recorded in the books of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter, and in possession of a Diploma, … £3 0s 0d

Affiliating a Companion from a foreign Chapter, including Registration and Diploma, £1 0s 0d

When an Emergency Convocation is called for the express purpose of exalting a Brother, he may be required to pay a further sum of Five Shillings in addition to the aforementioned fees.

Every duly qualified Member of this Chapter shall pay the sum of Five Shillings annually towards the funds of the Chapter, and no Companion shall be entitled to receive notices of the Convocations, or be eligible for office, or to have a vote in the Chapter, until such subscription be paid, which subscription shall fall due on the Convocation in August, previous to Nomination of Office-Bearers.

Any clear Member may, by a single payment of £2 10s 6d become a Life Member and receive Life Member Certificate, and shall thereafter be exempt of Annual Subscription.

Any Companion in arrears of his Annual Subscription for a period of three or more years, shall, on payment of three years’ dues, be reinstated in all the privileges of membership.

Every Member applying for a demit must be clear on the Chapter’s Books, and shall pay Five Shillings. On his return he shall be accepted a qualified Member on payment of the current year’s Subscription.

Every Member exalted on and after January 1st, 1957, shall pay £1 Os. 6d. for Capitation Fee.

Benevolent Fund,

The Benevolent Fund of this Chapter shall be strictly devoted to the purpose of charity, and shall not be appropriated to any other purpose whatever.

It is raised by means of one half of the subscriptions received from Members as ” Test Fees,” half fees of Life Membership, One Shilling for each demit, all moneys collected in Charity Box, and by such voluntary dona­tions as from time to time be made to it. It shall be kept separate from the ordinary income of the Chapter’s Funds.

The fund shall be solely for the benefit of worthy poor and distressed Companions of this Chapter, their widows or dependants.

The Treasurer of the Benevolent Fund shall have power, without consulting the Committee, to grant relief to the extent of £1 0s 0d to a Companion in distress, said Companion being found worthy, and a voucher shall be taken for the same, specifying recipient’s name and the number of Chapter.

The Fund shall be distributed and applied by a Committee of Three Members, exclusive of the Three Principals, S.E., Treasurer, and Treasurer of Benevolent Fund, who shall be Members ex-officio. Any three of said Committee shall form a quorum, they shall act as a Committee, and have power to give relief to the extent of £3 0s 0d Sterling, without first consulting the Chapter, and no further grant can be made to the same applicant without consent of the Chapter. This Committee shall be convened by the Treasurer of Benevolent Fund, from time to time, as occasion may require. All applications for charity must be by petition, and must be certified by two clear Members of the Chapter. Forms of petition shall be supplied by the Treasurer of Benevolent Fund on application.

All charity petitions must be lodged with the Treasurer of the Benevolent Fund in proper form.

The Treasurer of the Benevolent Fund shall account for his intromissions from time to time to the Benevolent Fund Committee.


No Bye-Laws shall be amended, repealed, or otherwise altered, unless such amendment, repeal, or alteration shall have been resolved upon by a majority of Companions voting at three consecutive Ordinary Convocations, and the same approved by the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter.

Should any Member show disrespect to the Chair, or infringe these Bye-Laws by any open or wilful act of disobedience, he shall, after being cautioned by the presiding officer that he is liable to a penalty such as the Chapter may think fit to impose, be called upon to apologise. Failing this, his conduct shall be discussed and adjudicated upon at the next Ordinary Convocation.

In all cases of dispute not provided for in the foregoing Bye-Laws, reference must be made to the Laws of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter.

Every Companion shall be entitled to receive a copy of the Bye-Laws on his admission as a Member.


Approved at the Quarterly Convocation of the Provincial Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Glasgow held on the 11th June, 1957.


Prov. Scribe. E.

Edinburgh, 21 st September, 1957.

The foregoing Bye-Laws were sanctioned by Supreme Grand Chapter at a Quarterly Con­vocation held on the 21st day of September, 1957.


Grand. Scribe. E